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Mar 31, 2011 12:00pm PDT
a landslide in america close. the relief agency is offering shelter, supplies, and health services. a huge wall of mud forced four families out of their homes on carson street. four others have restricted access. on tuesday night the city council declared local emergency. >>> in pleasant santon, police report a happy ending after a little boy was found wandering alone outside a wal-mart store at 3:00 a.m. police said the toddler was wearing just a the shirt and diapers. officers say he has not learned to talk yet but was smiling a lot so he wasn't upset. a wal-mart manager found the boy when he stepped outside to take a break. he called police and officers took the child into protective custody into they got a frantic call from his mother about 6:00 a.m. she and the boy had just moved in across the street to an apartment designed for someone in a wheelchair. >> the door handle's positioned relatively low on the door and the deadbolt was released by depressing the handle. the child was able to do that and get out. >> police said the boy crossed six lanes of a normally-busy street. fortunat
Mar 18, 2011 12:00pm PDT
and she told us what's coming up next in her young career. >> i have so many opportunities in both america and lat equip america. i'm very excited. i can't wait to do music my own way, sing my own way, write my own song. >> rodriguez also thanked her supporters and says she looks forward to returning on the season finale. >>> tomorrow night, the full moon will look bigger than usual. the moon will be at perigy, the point where the moon is closest to earth. the full moon appears 30% brighter and 40% bigger than normal. the celestial event happens about every ten years. can you see the full moon when it rises tomorrow at 7:38. can, weather permitting. >>> film crews are wrapping up the shooting of a movie. scenes are being shot in observing leaned's old -- oakland's old amtrak station. it is played by clive owen and nicole kidman. it takes place in 1930 spain but almost all of it is being shot here in the bay area. the filming is taking place in livermore next month. >>> we watched it lighten up a little wit asset rolled through. still bringing us some moderate to heavy rain and thunderstorm
Mar 28, 2011 12:00pm PDT
two hours later. >>> america's contractors are giving high praise to the "s" curve on the bay bridge. they named it one of the best construction projects of 2010. the "s" curve actually opened in september of 2009 as a temporary link to the new eastern span. critics immediately blamed it for several serious accidents including a fatal crash in which a truck driver plunged over the side. since then, there are extra warning signs, rumble strips and clearer lane markings. >>> experts in japan say high radiation detected outside the fukushima nuclear power plant is probably due to a partial meltdown of fuel rods. today, the company that owns the plant says plutonium has been detected in the soil near the reactors. hundreds of tons of contaminated water has been found in a number of places in the complex including the basements of several buildings. that needs to be removed before workers can restore electricity to the plant's cooling system. some experts say the situation is more serious than previously thought. traces of radioactive iodine have turned up in rainwater as far away as mass
Mar 8, 2011 12:00pm PST
afternoon, tori. they are a team of computer hackers who have just left various cities throughout america and they are trying to come up with the next big start up. here's the crazy part. they will be brainstorming over the next 48 hours while traveling on a bus drinking plenty of coffee. the idea actually sprang from a pub conversation. a group of tech junkies joked and said what if they came up with the next big thing riding from san francisco to austin for a conference. this is the second year they have rolled out with some of the most best and brightest faces in technology. >> a lot of like minded people. there's usually some kind of magic going on in those types of environments. >> now last year the original group came up with two start ups that were named winners by a panel of investor judges at the conference. now they are actual businesses. this year's participants have high hopes of success. one guy that we talk today this morning was fired from his job when they found out about this bus trip. >> start up is like a religion for me. it's like something i do on weekends. i release
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4